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New CppCast Episode!

Guest-starring JeanHeyd Meneide as co-host!


2-Minute Read

CppCast podcast logo -

JeanHeyd “ThePhD” Meneide co-hosted a CppCast episode with Aaron Ballman, Peter Brett, and the main host Rob Irving!

This was the first time JeanHeyd was brought on as a co-host and he did a great job asking about Unicode, talking briefly about his video, and more. We’re excited to have him speak more in the future. It was quite nice to have a different guest co-host (though we certainly miss Jason Turner’s fun stories and wisdom, and hopes he returns soon!). From JeanHeyd:

I felt a little nervous at first, being a host rather than a guest. I’ve been a guest twice on the podcast before, but hosting was a bit of a new responsibility. I think I didn’t talk too much and asked a few good questions to give Aaron and Peter lots of room to share their experiences, and I certainly learned a lot from all four of us being there! I’m also glad I got to talk about some of the European perspective on my video from Meeting C++’s blog post, so that was pretty nice too.

Treat yourself to

  • the announcement of the Joint C-C++ Study Group,
  • some talk about ISO C++ Proposals from the SG16 - Unicode Assistant Chair Peter Brett,
  • and, some general ISO C++ pacing discussion in the face of a COVID-19 world

Listen here: Or, watch it here:

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