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Privacy Policy

How data is handled with respect to Shepherd's Oasis, LLC's events, conferences, websites, and work.

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This Privacy Policy is relevant to all of Shepherd Oasis’s events, functions, and conferences, including the Computing Systems Technology Conference (CoSy Tech Con). Last edited January 5th, 2021.

The Company

We are a software services and consulting company. Our website address is: When interacting with this website, we employ the below privacy practices regarding your data.

Personal Data

As of right now, this website does not collect any personal data upon browsing and visitation. There are no analytics. There are no tracking or functional cookies. This may change in the future as new features, such as Conference Submission Forms and similar, are deployed. There are currently no comments on articles or pages, but that may change in the future and when it does this policy will be updated.


The newsletter stores e-mail addresses only in a secure manner consistent with industry practices with the aid of Buttondown. You can unsubscribe from any Newsletter e-mail at the bottom of every sent e-mail. If you are having trouble, please contact Shepherd at

Contact forms

When you fill out any of the contact forms (, we ask for some identifying information such as name and email address. We will retain that contact information for the purpose of continuing the conversation with you VIA e-mail. We keep any submitted contact forms confidential and encrypted to the best of our ability given the technology that is available for any reasonable request. Please observe the Code of Conduct.


We do not store any Cookies at this time.

Data Retention

Data is only retained for as long as it is necessary to sustain a conversation with you VIA the contact forms and any subsequent follow-up.

Contact Information

If you have further questions or pointed concerns, please reach out directly by e-mail to

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