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Postponing CoSy Tech

Moving the first conference date back a year.


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Person writing with a pen on the "OCT" (October) page of a calendar.

It is after great deliberation that we have to announce CoSy Tech Con will be delayed to a year, sometime around October 2022.


We would like to thank all the trainers, earnest speakers, sponsors and, most importantly, the attendees who enthusiastically jumped on the opportunity to come to CoSy! It has been extremely uplifting to know that hundreds and hundreds of people are absolutely interested in a conference that takes accessibility as a first-class feature, inclusivity as a primary goal for gathering and celebrating a community together, and compensating speakers with more than just exposure.

It is disappointing to quite a few folk - ourselves included - but we believe that we will be capable of producing a far better conference in 2022 when things are much closer to normal for everyone all around the world. We will still be holding a primarily online conference, so you do not need to worry about not being able to access a Live-Captioned stream of presentations or accessibility on that front.

The musicians, designers, and artists who are creating music, graphics, stickers, and more for the conference will, of course, continue to work as they have been. We will still be diligently producing more for the conference to fill it out as the days go by. We think what they have already created for the conference is pretty fantastic and has blown our minds! But, we cannot have a second first impression with the community. It is important to get the first go around as good prominent as possible.

We will continue to work on bringing this to life and polishing it as best as we can. Thank you for immense amount of interest and support. Here is to seeing everyone 2022 and beyond, virtually and in great health!

Title Photo by Anete Lusina from Pexels.

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