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A Mirror for Rust: Compile-Time Reflection Report

A plan for generic compile-time introspection in Rust, without the usual run-time baggage.

Shepherd, ThePhD

60-Minute Read

A reflective glass ball sits on a root of a tree, photographed upside-down to allow for the reflection inside of the glass ball to appear right-side up. The reflection shows the sky and the trees around in the forested area.

With a powerful trait system, compile-time constants, and where-and-:-style bounding for types and constants, Rust’s take on generic functions has been a refreshing departure from the anything-goes, Wild Wild West, errors-only-when-called template system of C++. Furthermore, its macro system has been a much needed replacement of C’s underpowered macro system, allowing users to actually generate code in a consistent and dependable manner at compile-time, with the ever-powerful…

Planted Seeds - Unicode Transcoding in 2021

A report on our efforts to fix Unicode Transcoding functionality at the bottom of the tech stack.


5-Minute Read

A close up on the spade of a shovel halfway buried in rich dirt.

My name is Shepherd, and I have recently taken an interest in helping out ThePhD’s Unicode work for C++. The end goal of being able to transcode out of the system encoding and other shenanigans has not been fully realized in a Standard’s document. However, I am pleased to say we have made significant advancements that should make 2021 a successful year for Unicode capabilities in C and C++.

typeof(...) for ISO C

Standardizing one of the biggest existing practices in decades... with some issues.


6-Minute Read

A sunset horizon and a person standing fairly close by, all reflected through a bubble up-close.

ThePhD here, and I’m going to tell you about a fun little extension to C called typeof! It’s is a vendor extension that yields the type of an expression.

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