Shepherd's Oasis, LLC

Shepherd's Oasis, LLC

A software consulting, contracting, training, teaching and services company here to help you deliver the best quality for your business and your customers!

About Us

Turning difficult into divine simplicity.

✔ Software, Done Excellent

We are a software consultancy, with special skills in C, C++, Rust, C# and other Systems Programming languages. Our company talent has over a decade of Software Engineering and Teaching experience, and years of ISO C and C++ practice with code that has touched every device from Government to Research. With engineers that are thorough and hardworking enough to be acknowledged in Robert C. Seacord’s Effective C book, we know we have the vision and drive to deliver simple, elegant, and safe code even for the most gnarled of systems. We have an immense amount of skills in taking the difficult and intractable and turning it into a divinely pleasant experience for customers and users globally. We are subject matter experts at:

  • Unicode, Encoding, and Text Processing;
  • Scripting and Systems for High Performance Environments;
  • GUIs and their various components;
  • Performance profiling and allocation improvements;
  • and, so much more!

We do: Code Review, and Documentation Writing; Training or Teaching; Software Contracting; and, Software Consulting and Architecture Recommendations. At a high level, there are always two ways to select our expertise:

  • Interface with the company and receive a statement of objectives, intent, and a plan; or
  • Grab one of our skilled people for a duration of time and integrate them more fully into your team.

We pride ourselves on our flexibility for a myriad of situations, so please do reach out to help make sure your needs are met!

💙 Open Source

Thank you to all of the sponsors, donors, subscribers and more to our work for the community. If you are interested in our publicly funded and publicly-visible endeavors, please feel free to peruse, donate, and contribute at your leisure in these various places:

The money here goes to helping the Project Editor for the C Programming Language and funding various projects, such as those in the Editor’s Report to the C Programming Language and the various proposals to the C++ library and language like this one! We will also continue to invest in the community alongside you to ensure a better Systems Programming world.

We can’t wait to help serve your needs, your businesses, your communities, and beyond! Feel free to contact us with anything about the website you like, or sign up to our newsletter just below for more information!

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