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CoSy Tech Conference Overview

Learn some of the high-level information about the Computing Systems Technology Conference.

The Computing Systems Technology Conference premiere is coming in Fall 2021!

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Quick Details

While we get set up and prepare for the future of CoSy Tech 2021, here are some quick details about the upcoming event.

  • 💻 Main Event is Virtual and Free.
    All talks are free and will be published, but certain during/after events and training will be paid access.
  • 📅 4 days total:
    🌃 3 days, Monday — Wednesday, October, 2023 for the Main Event.
    🎓 2 days, Thursday — Friday, October 2023 for the concurrently-held Trainings.
  • 📣 1 track, 12+ talks.
  • 🗝️ 2 keynote speakers.
  • 💬 Live Captioning for the deaf and/or hard of hearing.
  • ⌚ 15 to 60 minute talks on C, C++, Zig, Rust, Nim, and many other systems programming topics.
  • 👤👤 Anonymized submission reviews (for both reviewers and submitters).


It will be an entirely online event. Bring your comfy shirts and your shorts even if it is the late Fall: you will be at home or in a similar location. Relax and absorb as much as you want! The conference will be streamed for free on our channel and our YouTube channel, as well as live within Hopin to allow for chatting, networking, booths, and sharing between participants!


We are planning for some time during Fall 2021! A more concrete date will be sent out in a few month’s time. The call for talks will come out in early 2021. The current plan is for 1 or 2 days worth of content, so prepare accordingly! The call for talks will come out in early 2021 (likely around February 2021), and the talk acceptance list will be posted by the end of mid summer.


Shepherd’s Oasis (that’s us!) will be running this event. We already have some keynoters lined up, but there’s room for other main speakers!

We would also like to emphatically invite:

  • Black, Indigenous, and other People of Color;
  • Individuals of any religious belief;
  • Those who have faced significant economic challenge;
  • Those who have transitioned to Technology-related fields from other professions and fields
  • Beginners and newcomers looking to learn something about Systems Programming; and
  • Folks who are minorities by any metric in their region of residence (including but not limited to religious, ethnic, gender, and/or cultural).

All attendees must abide by the Code of Conduct.


Speakers can either present live or, if their situation does not allow for it, record the talk ahead of time and send in a video. (Then they can sneak into the audience and watch their own video/slides!) Talks will range from 15 minutes to 1 hour, with two keynotes!


There is room for a better technical conference. We think the ones that already exist are good; we just feel that over the coming years, we can do a better job and provide more value to the various System Programming Communities, both big and small. Rather than ask other conferences to repeatedly try different things, we would rather directly demonstrate the merits of our approach in the broader community!

“I want to donate to help!”

There is a myriad of ways to donate and help the conference here.

“I want to sponsor this!”

Please, reach out to! We would be more than happy to feature you on the upcoming page as a Sponsor, promote you as one of the folk rolling scholarships that help socio-economically disadvantaged people speak at and enjoy this kind of conference, and offer additional perks and incentives for supporting the work!


CoSy Tech is pronounced [ koh-zee tek ] (or IPA style, /ˈkoʊ zi tɛk /), as in the sentences:

Cozy resting chair.
I sip my conference tea;
cheers, to much learning.

We’re so glad you’re interested! Don’t forget to sign up to the newsletter.

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