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“There’s something out there already, we just need some personal touches to make it work for us.”

Opensource with Shepherd’s Oasis helps make navigating the space of freely available libraries simple! We generally do whatever work is necessary to support your company with regards to the framework or library that already exists. These are smaller, simpler support contracts that can vary in size:

  • Taking a pre-existing library and maintaining it for an older toolchain for compatibility, porting fixes;
  • Adding much-needed components and functionality to an existing library or tool;
  • Helping get a newer project off of the ground;
  • Introducing integrations such as build systems into existing projects to tie them into your project;
  • and more!

We have done this before for many open source libraries and open standardization endeavors, most notably:

If you are interested in our publicly funded and publicly-visible endeavors, please feel free to peruse, donate, and contribute at your leisure in these various places:

The money here goes to helping the Project Editor for the C Programming Language, sponsoring certain features in Open Source, and funding various projects like the ones mentioned above! We will also continue to invest in the community alongside you to ensure a better Systems Programming world. Thank you to all of the sponsors, donors, subscribers and more to our work for the community.

Please do reach out below to start the conversation about how we can ensure you leverage open source for your needs!

Replies typically within 72 hours.

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