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“We need help Hiring & Retaining or Attracting & Retaining a large body of cultures, ideas, and ethnicities without endangering our .”

Diversity & Inclusivity with Shepherd’s Oasis is a more involved task. We help everyone in every department — from marketing and design to engineering and production — make lasting changes that benefit everyone on the team. We also offer Code of Conduct creation/improvement, moderation and relations, process review and training for events and conferences that help prioritize the most vulnerable in an organization to push them and their colleagues towards the pit of success. Particularly, we:

  • Establish observability metrics;
  • Create plans for improvement over a predetermined period of time;
  • Execute and follow through on those improvements over that period of time, with occasional check-ins to observe effects;
  • Review the effects and outcomes;
  • Identify places of improvement for the next event/conference/quarter;
  • and more!

We also offer:

  • talks for your organization’s events or trainings;
  • targeted one-on-one mentorship;
  • teaching geared towards software engineers and how to tackle the day to day;
  • training for folks who want more directed help in becoming better leaders and peers;
  • and more!

If you would like science-based, evidence-backed, and empathy-driven productivity boosts in your organizations, communities and projects, please do reach out below to start the conversation!

Replies typically within 72 hours.

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