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Shepherd's Oasis, LLC

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“We’ve got a lot of directions to go in, and we need a guided approach that works best for us.”

Consulting with Shepherd’s Oasis is a more involved task. Rather than simply telling us what to do, we go in and not only make recommendations, but execute on those recommendations to put the money where our mouth is. Whether its performance or safety, we ensure we get these things done. Cost is correlated to the scope, size and time to completion. This is more suitable for:

  • Cleaning up technical liability in a long-term system;
  • New components in a pre-existing system;
  • Introducing new static analysis, code coverage, and other tooling to improve quality;
  • Rearchitecting systems for performance gains;
  • Changing build systems to get rid of shell/batch spaghetti;
  • Introducing new programmatic systems to eliminate classes of errors;
  • and more!

Please do reach out below to start the conversation about how we can ensure you hit your targets!

Replies typically within 72 hours.

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